My  background : I started working construction and building homes in the  early 1970's. I built new homes and remodeled old ones. Then in 1975 I  started my career working in environmental health. Initially I worked  extensively in review, approval and inspections of on-site sewage  treatment / disposal systems and on-site individual  drinking water  supplies. I also inspected  thousands of regulated facilities for safety  and sanitation. I worked extensively in fire safety, Lead poisoning  control and all aspects of environmental health. I advanced in my career  as a result of my dedication to quality and service to the public. 

I retired after nearly 35 years as a regional director of environmental  health for the State of New York, supervising environmental health  programs in 18 counties.. During those years I also remodeled my  own  homes doing all aspects of home repair and maintenance. My background  and experience have prepared me to provide you with a quality inspection  and report regarding your prospective home. Serving and protecting the  public was my chosen career for nearly 35 years. Understanding  environmental safety and building safety was my field. I  understand the  importance of  communication and conveying  issues clearly .

This  experience and more importantly my commitment to quality service to you  is what I offer to my clients. It is my privilege to serve you and do  the type of work I love. 

The Safety Home Inspection Services difference


 The  home inspection report you receive will identify and explain the  significance of any safety issues or major defects, if any are found.  The report will be clear and understandable. You will know what was  examined, even if there are no problems or defects, you will know that  these items were examined.  
Our commitment is to you, our client, to  protect you, your family and your investment. We will do this honestly,  conveying to you issues or concerns in a clear, understandable way,  without being an alarmist. We are available to speak with you and  answer questions you may have before, during and after the inspection.  
Please call and talk to us about your house. you will be glad you did. 


Home Inspection (Buyer's inspection)

New Home (pre-delivery)                                                          

New Home Warranty Inspection                                               

​Add on services

Radon  (canisters)   with Home Inspection                                             

Drinking Water Quality test (Colifiorm)                                              

Drinking Water Quality FHA/VA                                                       

Water 2 hr flow  test     with Home Inspection                                     

Septic System Dye test     with Home Inspection                              

Water Flow Test and Dye Test with Home Inspection